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view wade pugh's obituary LONDON is not often that the president of the United States needs to seek fashion advice. But when Ronald Reagan was getting ready for a visit to England as a guest of Queen Elizabeth II in June 1982, his people had an important question for the Brits: Just what does one wear to go riding with the queen in the magnificent horse country surrounding Windsor Castle? The answer: Something smart, but casual, of course. Riding boots, breeches and a turtleneck sweater would do fine need for formal riding attire. Croton's Driver G3 Automatic Watch was made with speed in mind. Its formidable black rubber strap features molding similar to tire tread and its black carbon fiber dial is imbued with a daring steering wheel style motif in your choice of yellow, blue or red. The face comes adorned with a single sub dial fixed near 9 o'clock as well as a date window and a tachymeter around the perimeter so you can literally track your speed as you travel.. Others feel cold spots. Some even feel his presence. But, whether or not you believe in ghosts, the site is still filled with history.. Indonésie. Iran. Irak. This is the kind of kaleidoscopic nightmare where normal sized tarantulas can overpower a man, then slowly tear the flesh from his body with gruesome precision, while his eyes scream the agony his paralyzed body cannot express. It's the kind of adventure that only barely contains a linear link between horrific happenstances. And it's the kind of film that is so masterfully crafted that, although it was not conceived as a zombie film, executes that sub genre in legendary fashion.. />Pants: A classic pair of trousers are a must. If you have kept yourself in shape, flat fronts are a great way to show off your hard work in the gym. If not, pleats are a good way to hide those few extra pounds. A week ago, someone pointed out that my size 6 pants looked baggy on me and I thought, Dear Lord, what will it take for you to shut up and be happy about yourself? The answer: Not fashion. Not weight loss. Just a daily decision to look in the mirror and believe that what I see is lovely.. Eyewear isn't just a medical device, it's also a fashion accessory. Some ladies think gold frames go with everything, and that might be true for them. But is it true for you? You might be more interested in a coppery metal frame for when you're wearing jeans, a blonde tortoise plastic frame for the office, and a pretty rhinestone-studded silver frame for an evening out.